Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oh to Book thy Face,
To see all of my friends online .
To have the chance to see into space,
and know they really are all mine.

To be able to stalk those in my networks,
even while I am sitting in school.
The chance to find those my brother calls "turks,"
And all I have to do is use my little online tool.

The End.


Ok, I'm a really really bad poet. (and don't I know it!)

I realized today that even though I have friends all over this blessed country going to school, vacationing, dating people, etc, I can still follow their every move simply by logging in and looking at their page. Of course, they have to accept me as my friend to view their pages, but I love being able to follow them without having to make that phone call.

Thank you Facebook for making all of my stalking dreams come true.

You're the best.

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* Courtney * said...

silly girl. I actually like your poem!